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In order for a child to reach his/her full potential it is important that the primary foundation skills of attention, balance and coordination are firmly established, as they are the core building blocks for all academic performance and higher level reasoning skills.

At Hybinette, Inc., we provide Educational Consulting specifically to help navigate the Special Education Process within the Public School Districts, and individual student assistance. We aim to help children who have either been diagnosed with specific leaning disorders or who are underachieving, despite a good level of intelligence. Our focus is on identifying the sources of the problem and then tailoring an individual, holistic, strategically effective, whole body Education Integration Therapy program.

This begins with detailed physiological assessments of children's physical abilities from general coordination and balance needed for posture; gross and fine motor coordination and ability to sit still; laterality and the eye movements needed for reading, writing, copying and catching a ball; to primitive and postural reflex maturation and cerebella involvement. We establish where signs of immaturity in the body are present, identify where in the developmental remedial exercise process the child needs to begin and supervise the remedial programs using specific developmental movement methods devised bat INPP.

Our Vision:
Allowing children through the use of holistic non-invasive methods to reach their academic and behavioral absolute best.

Our Mission:
Providing the most suitable approach of intervention for each academically struggling and physiologically challenged developing child.

"Children are our future. As an Educational Consultant, it is my responsibility to provide students with the fundamental building blocks of education, to assist struggling learners break through their learning difficulties, and to encourage a love for learning and self esteem.

Children need an advocate who understands how difficult learning is for them, someone who offers proven and innovative holistic methods which benefit their learning and understanding of the world. By realizing the cause of their struggles, providing targeted remediation techniques and challenging students in the core academics of reading, writing, math and their critical thinking skills, I help children overcome their struggles, so they can grow to be the best that they can be in their pursuit of academics. Core competencies mastered by students to the fullest of their potential provides them with the tools to succeed. I hold myself and all students I have the privilege of working with, to the highest standards from a curricular as well as life skills perspective."

Beate Hybinette, Founder and Owner
Founder and Instructor:
Beate Hybinette

Monika Hybinette, Teaching Consultant
Monika Hybinette

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