As an educational consultant, Hybinette, Inc. strives to provide students with the fundamental building blocks of education, to assist struggling learners break through their learning difficulties, and to encourage a love for learning and self esteem.

To do so, we apply a variety of tools and incorporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning principles toallow for optimal education. By determining the best intervention strategies, we provide students with the tools to close their learning gaps.

Inspiring students to find enjoyment in literature.

Literacy is the key for any child to unlock the world around them. Proper verbal or written language allows a child to communicate with others effectively, expands their horizon and challenges their mind. By instilling in students a love for reading, writing and learning, we give them that gift for a lifetime. Literacy is a key measurement of human capital around the world. It is defined as the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated in varying contexts. A comprehensive and well balanced language arts literacy program, grounded in assessment and evaluation of the child's abilities, should be comprised of phonemic and phonetic understanding, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary expansion.

Math is the foundation of critical thinking skills

Math is the basis for all technology, science and economics. It challenges the brain and is the basis for conceptual thinking skills. A child able to compute, understand and relate math to their daily lives feels confidence that will carry into all other subject areas in school academics. By conveying confidence and love for math, it becomes a fun subject for all students. With these strong foundations in literacy and math, all other subjects such as history and science become a joy for children to explore and understand.


Non-invasive Intervention Strategies
INPPNeuro-Developmental Delay Therapy
(INPP- The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology) - the effects of physical factors on learning and classroom achievement
ILSAuditory Process Integration
(iLs- Integrated Listening Systems) - sound stimulation program
Brain Integration Brain Integration Therapy
(Learning Breakthrough) - exercises to strengthen the fundamental brain processes that enable higher level learning skills to flourish
Tutoring InterventionTutoring Intervention
(FAST, ECAW, Read Naturally) - educational intervention in all components of reading, writing and math skills
Nutritional TherapyNutritional Therapy
(CNHP- Certified Natural Health Professional) - food and lifestyle changes that support learning processes
Effective ParentingEffective Parenting
(Love, patience, guidance, leadership, rules and boundaries, consequences, opportunities to fail and to succeed)
Chiropractic TherapyChiropractic Therapy
- Adam Paul Thom DC
Remedial math & readingRemedial & Advanced Math and Reading Curriculum Program