Educational Intervention – Reading – Writing - Math

A targeted tutoring intervention program is often necessary to provide the child an opportunity to "catch up" to the academic standard of their peers, once the barriers to success are being eliminated through therapy.

Intervention includes pretesting (to identify educational discrepancies), post-testing, 30 hours of educational intervention services and a teacher conference upon request.

Based on the pretesting, an education intervention program is designed for your child to help him/her reach set goals and objectives, which correlate with educational classroom and district goals. After the intensive program, the posttest validates the gains achieved by your child.

Upon request a teacher conference may be scheduled, and when appropriate current performance and classroom objectives may be incorporated into this program. Ideally intervention should take place two to five times per week for quickest and most effective results.

Fast Learning
F.A.S.T. Systematic Phonics and Reading System
The F.A.S.T. Systematic Phonics and Reading System synthesizes a broad range of research and teaches students with learning differences to read by bringing together systematic phonics with intensive work on phonological skills and insights into whole language. The program is accompanied by engaging; phonetically controlled book series to help students apply their skills.
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Read Naturally
Read Naturally
Read Naturally is a fluency research-based product that helps students of all ages and abilities, whether special education, ELL, Title I, or mainstream to improve their reading skills, gain confidence, and transform their attitudes toward school and learning. Based on our powerful strategy that combines teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring, Read Naturally products support and reinforce the essential components of reading as outlined by the National Reading Panel.

National Literact Coalition
Every Child a Writer
Every Child a Writer (ECAW) is research and standards based writing instruction designed for students of all ages K through 12 based on their developmental readiness to improve their writing skills and abilities in 5 specific genres. It is based on an approach of tiered direct instruction and incorporates teacher modeling, student guided and independent practice which transform their abilities and attitudes toward writing in general.


Making math fun
Math is a language. It's the only language that you can speak across the globe with anyone. It helps us think more logical and it allows us to problem solve in more effectively. Math is fun, it lives in our daily lives. Everyone can do math, we just have to find the right way that we can learn it. That's what we can help you or your child with… making math fun and accessible to everyone.