Changing your child's life

Our first step is to gather information about your child, his/her learning difficulties and maturity level. This begins with a series of questionnaires. We start with the INPP Child Assessment Form and an Educational Intervention Survey.

Please download a version of this questionnaire below:

Child Assessment Questionnaire (Word document)

Child Assessment Questionnaire (PDF document)


Parents Speak Out:
"We began working with Mrs. Hybinette in March of 2011, upon a recommendation of our daughter’s teachers at school. E. was in 2nd grade at that point and really struggled with attending during class. She was pulled out daily for reading intervention services. At some point we even considered medication for AD/HD. Luckily, Mrs. Hybinette suggested the iLs program in April and she began working with E. for the remainder of the school year twice a week. In June she suggested moving onto the iLs home program. We continued it for a total of 40 hours until the middle of July and tutoring once a week to help E. catch up on missed classroom instruction. During the fall teacher parent conference E.’s 3rd grade teacher said that she was as doing great and she probably didn’t need any more intervention. E. is reading 3rd grade level texts, but most of all her focus has improved greatly. She is now able to focus in class, and process general classroom instruction much more efficiently. We are so pleased about the progress E. has made and hope that iLs can help more struggling children."

"I just wanted to say how fantastic Mrs. Hybinette has been this year. I am so pleased with her as a teacher and I am grateful that my daughter and I got to be in her class. The year started out a bit troubling. My daughter started having more difficulty with reading.  We joined an extra reading program Mrs. Hybinette does with a few students and it has helped a lot. I cannot say how glad I am that my daughter has had her as a teacher this year."  B. Banes life is a miracle

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Comments from Hybinette Students

Dylexia, Auditory Processing Disorder:
“My Kindergarten teacher first noticed that I might have some learning problems in the future, and during second grade it became apparent. My mom took me everywhere, we tried tutoring centers and funny exercises, but they only helped to some extent. When I stopped doing the writing eights all my reversals came back. School was so hard. I cried a lot. I could not remember spelling words, reading and writing was impossible, and most of the time I had no idea what the teacher was saying or wanted from me. Even math was horrible. I had no friends and was miserable in school. In third grade, after having been on the waiting list for a long time, I was accepted into Dennison, but my academic test scores were only on 1st grade level, and my mom didn’t want to hold me back or put me under that much pressure. Then we found NDD therapy and even though the exercises seemed similar to me, they slowly began to make a true difference. My mom did them faithfully with me for about a year. I also had listening therapy during the summer and a short booster the following winter. Tutoring of course continued throughout. It worked! I was never held back. Then in fifth grade my name was drawn again, and I tested into that same school on grade level. I immediately made lots of friends at the new school. It sounds strange, but every year since third grade, it has become easier to stay on top. NDD and listening therapy together with tutoring changed my life! I am now in ninth grade in one of the top and most difficult high schools in the state doing great! This year I made the National Honor Roll in Kumon Math. I love to dance every spare moment following the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum and taking the Intermediate exam this summer. I know now that I will be going to college. Every child should have the change I have had.” Kristina H. (9th grade)

Attention and Reading Problems:
“I love the balance board and listening to the music, it makes me relax and focus.” Emilia (2nd grade)

IEP with a variety of Learning Disorders:
“Thank you for teaching me this summer. I really appreciate it. I am soon writing a book called “Living”…there are many questions like “why are we here?”… I like to write..” David G. (10th grade)