Vestibular & Sensory Integration through Neuroplasticity
Learning Breakthrough Program

The neurophysiology of the visual system is NOT "hardwired at birth. The neurovisual and vestibular (balance) processes develop, beginning in the womb and with light (birth). Visual and vestibular dysfunctions are not always permanent defects, their causes are: deprivation in development, genetic pre-dispositions, birth and life related trauma, health issues, etc.
Dr. Dorothy M. Parrott, O.D.

Learning Breakthrough

The Learning Breakthrough vestibular integration system is a suite of specialized exercises and equipment that calibrate the brain and improve learning skills by strengthening precursor brain processes and thereby enabling higher level learning skills to flourish.

Studies into the topic of neuroplasticity are generating a common understanding that "physical activity changes the brain". Just like a piano student improves their ability to play through correct and frequent practice, cognitive and physical abilities can improve by consistently performing precise balance-challenging activities.

The activities and equipment that make up the Learning Breakthrough Program are the result of careful study, observations, and a trial and error development approach pioneered by Dr. Frank Belgau starting in the mid 1960's. Proper and consistent performance of these activities have a positive and significant impact on the way the brain controls our ability to read, write, comprehend, remember, focus and perform physically and athletically. Improvement in these fundamental human functions has a positive impact on the way almost anyone gets along in life.

People who suffer from the effects of various learning (Dyslexia), attention (ADD/ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorders) and physical differences, difficulties and disorders tend to see the most dramatic changes in the shortest period of time when they use the Learning Breakthrough Program. The objective for all users is proper and consistent use for a long enough period of time that neuropathway development and changes become permanent.