Once your child's learning struggles are identified, we work to target and implement the most effective strategy for overcoming those blocks. This may be a custom approach or implementation of proven strategies shown below.

Neuro Developmental Delay Therapy - INPP

The length of the program is intended for 12-18 months. Depending on the age of the child the timeline may vary. Includes the initial assessment, educational report and reading, and initial exercise program; follow up reassessment every 6-8 weeks where progress is measured and exercises are assigned.
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iLs and Learning Breakthrough

iLS programs are designed to be flexible and are offered in a individual, school or home format. By combining the iLS Auditory Stimulation/Integration with the Learning Breakthrough Program, we exercise and challenge four interrelated systems: the auditory, vestibular, tactile and visual sensory neuro motor loops. This essentially retrains the brain to become more efficient and effective in integrating multi-sensory information, increasing he ability to perceive, learn, pay attention, process information and coordinate movement and in the process strengthen neural connections to improve overall performance and behavior.

Sensory Motor: 60 session program
Concentration & Attention: 40 session program
Reading/Auditory Processing: 40 session program
Optimal Perfomance I & II: 24 sessions each

Option 1: Home Program Rental:

  • Pre or Post testing includes Pitch Discrimination test, SCAN3, Digispan
  • 5 x per week minimum would finish a 40-hour program in about 6-8 weeks.
  • Student needs to attend office supervision for 6 of those sessions spread evenly throughout the program to ensure that solid progress is being made.

Option 2: Office Program: (25 sessions 1 hour 20 minutes each)

  • Pre test includes Pitch Discrimination test, SCAN3, Digispan
  • Student visits the office 3-5 times per week.
  • Vacations work extremely well for most families.

Below is a typical summer session.
Week 1 June (5 sessions)
Week 2 June (5 sessions)
Week 3 June (5 sessions)
Week 4: break
Week 5: break
Week 6: July (5 sessions)
Week 7: July (5 sessions iLs & Learning Breakthrough is also available through summer group sessions (2 students at a time)
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Educational Intervention:

30 hour Intensive

Intervention includes pretesting (to identify educational discrepancies), post-testing, 30 hours of educational intervention services and a teacher conference upon request.

Based on the pretesting an education intervention program is designed for your child to help him/her reach set goals and objectives, which correlate with educational classroom and district goals. After the intensive program the posttest validates the gains achieved by your child. Upon request a teacher conference may be scheduled, and when appropriate current performance and classroom objectives may be incorporated into this program. Ideally intervention should take place two to five times per week for quickest and most effective results.
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